Model Inputs \(\rightarrow\) Demographic Data \(\rightarrow\) Countries/Territories


We obtained a list of 237 countries/territories from the UN Population Projections 2022. We excluded the following areas, mainly due to political affiliations with other countries. Our final dataset contained 200 countries/territories.

Excluded Area Political Status
American Samoa United States Territory
Anguilla British Overseas Territory
Aruba Kingdom of the Netherlands
Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba Caribbean Netherlands (special municipalities)
British Virgin Islands British Overseas Territory
Cook Islands Free association with New Zealand
Curaçao Kingdom of the Netherlands
Falkland Islands (Malvinas) British Overseas Territory
French Guiana French Overseas Department
French Polynesia French Overseas Collectivity
Gibraltar British Overseas Territory
Guadeloupe French Overseas Department
Guam United States Territory
Guernsey British Crown dependency
Holy See City-state
Hong Kong Chinese special administrative region
Isle of Man British Crown dependency
Jersey British Crown dependency
Kosovo Partially recognised state
Macao Chinese special administrative region
Martinique French Overseas Department
Mayotte French Overseas Department
Montserrat British Overseas Territory
New Caledonia French Overseas Collectivity
Niue Free association with New Zealand
Northern Mariana Islands United States Commonwealth
Réunion French Overseas Department
Saint-Barthélemy French Overseas Collectivity
Saint Helena British Overseas Territory
Saint Martin French Overseas Collectivity
Saint Pierre and Miquelon French Overseas Collectivity
Sint Maarten Kingdom of the Netherlands
Tokelau Dependent territory of New Zealand
Turks and Caicos Islands British Overseas Territory
United States Virgin Islands United States Territory
Wallis and Futuna Islands French Overseas Collectivity
Western Sahara Disputed territory

Geographical Group

We used the UN geography groupings to assign each country/territory to a geographic Area (continent) and Region. These groupings were used to define various hierarchical models when estimating model parameters.

Area Region # Countries
Africa Eastern Africa 18
Middle Africa 9
Northern Africa 6
Southern Africa 5
Western Africa 16
Asia Central Asia 5
Eastern Asia 6
South-Eastern Asia 11
Southern Asia 9
Western Asia 18
Europe Eastern Europe 10
Northern Europe 11
Southern Europe 14
Western Europe 9
Latin America Caribbean 15
and the Caribbean Central America 8
South America 12
Northern America Northern America 4
Oceania Australia/New Zealand 2
Melanesia 4
Micronesia 5
Polynesia 3

Income Group

Countries/territories were also assigned to an income group based on the 2018 World Bank Income Groups.

Income Group # Countries
Low income 34
Lower middle income 46
Upper middle income 55
High income 65

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